Visitors Guidelines


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Guidelines for visitors entering into the Eco-tourism of Tiger Reserve / Wildlife Sanctuary / National Park / Bird Sanctuary and other protected areas.

  1. Visitors will be screened by the Thermal Scanner before stepping into Eco-tourism areas. Symptomatic visitors with respect to fever, cold and cough shall not be allowed.
  2. Visitors will be screened jointly by the Transport, Health and Family Welfare, Police Department in coordination with the Reserve Management round the clock at all entry level check posts of the Reserve to take precaution to follow protocol in dealing with patients and symptoms.
  3. Face Masks are mandatory for entering into the eco-tourism areas.
  4. As per G.O.Ms.No.673, Revenue and Disaster Management (DMIV) Department, dated 30.11.2020, under ‘Protection of Vulnerable Persons’ – Persons above 65 yrs of age, persons with co-morbidities, pregnant woman and children below the age of 10 yrs are advised to stay at home and hence shall avoid the visit.
  5. Visitors should wash their hands/sanitize at entry to the ticket counter and maintain social distancing at ticket counter queue.
  6. Social distancing will be maintained strictly in the Eco-Tourism area.
  7. Visitors shall give exact amount for the purchase of entry ticket to avoid further contact with ticket counter staff.
  8. All Visitors shall pass through dis-infection foot-mat at the entrance and hand-sanitize before entering into Lake area.
  9. Visitors shall show the entry ticket to staff for checking, Handing over of entry ticket to staff shall be avoided.
  10. Visitors shall co-operate for existing checking like plastic/pan/gutka/alcohol, etc., and to avoid any sort of infections. Additional luggage to be avoided.
  11. Visitors shall avoid touching of barricades and other surfaces so as to avoid changes of any infection.
  12. Visitors shall have minimum interaction with staff with respect to details on birds, sanctuary, etc., by maintaining social distancing.
  13. Use of face cover, mask and frequent hand washing will be maintained for both staff and tourists.
  14. Spitting has been strictly prohibited in the Eco-Tourism area.
  15. Usage of the cafeteria shall be restricted to 10 members in a time.
  16. Eco-tourism area authorities who are residing in COVID-19 Containment zone shouldn’t be allowed to Eco-tourism area.
  17. Entire infrastructure including boats, cafeteria, kayaks and life jackets will be sanitized frequently.
  18. The interior of the Boat, life jackets, cafeteria chairs and tables will be disinfected by using 1% sodium hypo chloride solution in each trip.
  19. Only Healthy staff are allowed for boat driving and rescuing.
  20. Testing with contactless thermometers of all visitors, drivers and guides and staff deployed for tourism at Reception centre as precaution measure. In case of Individual has a temperature higher than the normal, shall be immediately isolated in the nearest health centre.
  21. All visitors/crew shall submit their staff reporting form.
  22. All visitors should carry sanitizer and age proof documents.
  23. A penalty of minimum of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 per head will be imposed against violators of the guidelines.
  24. For healthy services the existing control room on 24×7 basis will be utilized for contacting District Administration and getting technical guidance and support.
  25. Food items will not be allowed in the tourism area.
  26. Elephant safari shall be temporarily deferred.
  27. Arogya Setu App will be mandatory.